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Bill Addington and Jorge Villalobos discuss what was known when, what came to be known in 2000s, about the hazardous waste shipments to the ASARCO plant.


Bill Addington on current issues over redevelopment of the site; questions of responsibility for its contamination.


Catherine Wilson-Shupe, Jorge Villalobos, Joe Piñon, Jose Manuel Escobedo, and Mario Navarez on company and others such as Landrigan who knew, came to know about lead’s dangers early on.


Joe Piñon, Chris Sellers, Bill Addington on what’s “acceptable” for lead exposures in children today.


Juan Garza on how he first got to know about lead hazards in EPA sponsored community meetings.


Juan Garza on rise of EPA and local Health Dept efforts to address lead in the neighborhoods.


Juan Garza on Get the Lead Out’s effort to get Health Dept testing in homes, unreleased results.


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