El Paso – Becoming Active: Mobilizing and Conflict




Joe Piñon talks about his effort to get people to testify against ASARCO’s proposal for Contop project in the late 1980’s, all the opposition they faced.


Bill Addington talks about the controversy over the Contop project.


Veronica Carbajal discusses importance of late 1990’s EPA’ arrival in town; also of the 2005 ASARCO bankruptcy.


Bill Addington on the importance of Obama’s election in critical decision by EPA to require a new permit.


Charlie Rodriguez on the ASARCO bankruptcy; his questions about what went on there.


Bill Addington and Jorge Villalobos discuss what was known when about the hazardous waste shipments to the ASARCO plant, how revealed by media and activists.


Charlie Rodriguez on whistle-blower report inside company, how higher-ups decided to incinerate wastes anyway..


Juan Garza on rise of EPA and local Health Dept efforts to address lead in the neighborhoods.


Juan Garza on Get the Lead Out’s effort to get Health Dept testing in homes, unreleased results.