El Paso – Remembering When You Didn’t Know

What do you remember about smelter-associated hazards, especially from when you may have been less aware of how dangerous they might be?



Danny Arellano talks about difficulties communicating between Anglo managers and non-Anglo workforce, changes there, how many injuries not reported, also managers didn’t tell about some dangers, especially hazardous wastes; workers became willing to insist.


Jorge Villalobos on how those involved in lead industry didn’t know its effects for so long; challenge this seminar poses for today regarding risks.


Balthazar Huerta on how little workers would be informed about risks involved with tasks; importance of “chemical” designation in deciding what to avoid.


Juan Garza on his experience growing up in Sunset Heights, pediatrician surveys, pollution from the smelter there; also at UTEP.


Catherine Shupe on growing up in the American colony in Avalos; not knowing about dangers.


Jorge Villalobos discusses conditions in early 1970’s; also arrival of EPA and changes at ASARCO.


Elvira Salcido talks about what she saw of plant’s smoke from Smeltertown from 1930s.


Jorge Villalobos and others discuss lack of knowledge even among earlier managers.