El Paso – Workers in Local Industry




Frank Attaguilo talks about the end to having separate showers for Anglo and Mexican/Latino workers; conflicts.


Charlie Rodriguez about changing education levels, slowly more English speaking workforce as grounds for fighting back.


Catherine Wilson-Shupe, Jorge Villalobos, Joe Piñon, Jose Manuel Escobedo, and Mario Navarez on company and others such as Landrigan who knew, came to know about lead’s dangers early on.


Mario Navarez and Chris Sellers on experiencing mental effects from lead.


Charlie Rodriguez on how workers effectively exposed to much higher levels of lead and arsenic because of equipment.


Charlie Rodriguez on whistle-blower report inside company, how higher-ups decided to incinerate wastes anyway.


Mario Navarez on the CONTOP technology, why he thinks it was actually introduced to incinerate wastes.


Mario Navarez and Frank Attaguilo on blood monitoring and experiences of lead poisoning in the workplace.


Frank Attaguilo and Jorge Villalobos on where the machinery of the El Paso Smelter went when it shut down.


Charlie Rodriguez, Catherine Wilson-Shupe, and Jorge Villalobos on water pollution and use by smelters they know.